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So it has been suggested I start a blog! But, hey, look… I’ve already got one.

I’ve posted a bit on here in the past, mainly shoots, but this might start to get a bit more of me.

I have included an image from S’s 3 month session.  She gets extras, but generally a Milestones package includes a tummy time session, sitting up, standing, and a cake smash.  Each session is short – 30 minutes maximum, and can take place in your home, my home or outside in nature! milestones 3 months_edited-1

Baby Ella

whangamata coromandel photos

Remember this stunning woman? Well, yesterday was the day I got to meet her beautiful, five day old daughter, Ella.  Doing the long haul travel was necessary so that I could marvel in her delicious tinyness that is teeny tiny newborn babies!!! OMG she is the most delicate little gorgeous baby girl I have ever seen.  I want one. Ha! Take that, husband!  Ella is blessed to have such a beautiful and clever mummy, a super doting daddy, and an amazing big sister.

Over coffee and milk and nappies and the best pies in all of the Waikato, we chatted the day away and I felt compelled to take a few photos of course. Disclaimer: No newborns were harmed in the taking of these photos.  There wasn’t even any crying. Ok, maybe my eyes did water just a wee bit.

Wishing you lots of love and crazy times with your beautiful family


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A Waitangi Wedding Weekend

A and A contacted me around this time last year and booked their wedding photography.  Its been a delight getting to know this lovely couple and such an  honour to be able to photograph their wedding.  They had planned a beach wedding, and on the day of the rehearsal it looked like conditions were going to be perfect, but for their Big Day mother nature had other plans!  I was so amazed by how organised and calm and collected everybody was on the day of the wedding, no matter what the weather.  Buses took guests from Whangamata to Opoutere, where the ceremony was held, amongst the pine forest on the edge of the spectacular Coromandel coastline. Even though it rained the entire day, we managed to get some gorgeous shots! Check them out.

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Onemana Beach adventures and Rena rubbish

Onemana is a stunning beach.  It has a beautiful Northern end, which we call “The Cove”.  We love visiting The Cove as a family and spending a good hour playing.  The boys love to play with all the driftwood, building fire engines or boats on the sand.

Unfortunately, there is still rubbish from the Rena wreckage on the sand, and that will undoubtedly be there for a long, long time, being plastic! The small pellets are all over the beach. It is very sad.

We had our wedding on Onemana Beach exactly one month ago, hopefully I will be able to share a pic soon.

Here are some photos of our visit this morning.  Its a perfect place for a photo shoot! Can’t wait to get some families to photograph.  If you holiday in Onemana or Whangamata, please contact me to arrange a shoot.

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Queen Anne’s Lace

Queen Anne's Lace

Also known as wild carrot. This stuff is everywhere I look at the moment and I just love it!


I took some photos way back in November that were to be a gift for Christmas. I’m pleased to be able to finally share these with you.  Gorgeous siblings that adore each other!


It’s finally here, and the weather gods gave us a cracker of a day. I had a shoot on the beach this arvo, here is my favourite shot, or 2. I can’t decide which! One qualifies for my 100 days. 12a


100 days of summer

In the past I’ve tried to do a photo a day and have failed, dismally.  This time I’m not going to undertake a huge project, more of a mini one. If I can achieve this I will be quietly surprised!

I know its not technically summer until tomorrow, and technically there aren’t 100 days in summer, but what the hey. Here’s number 1. A bit of cloud porn. Let’s hope summer kicks off with a bang.

day 1/100

Latest shoot

This was a wee personal project – so I wanted to shoot something other than super speedy fast moving bullets – aka children! I found an awesome spot and took some test shots a few weeks back, and I wanted to replicate that but when we got there it just wouldn’t work! I was using a different camera body and Im assuming that is why.  I can’t decide if I like the first one black and white or in colour. Let me know what you think!   Next session is a maternity/family shoot and Im so excited.  Please pray the weather gods provide me with some fab conditions.



Today I had the pleasure of photographing the lovely Hayley and her daughter.  We were meant to shoot yesterday but the weather gods had other plans.  I have so many great shots of these two it was hard to figure out which ones to share!